Long Island is no different than anywhere else - it too has been hit hard by the economic downturn.  Here are some tips and techniques to save money when shopping for groceries online.
1) Use this link to get $20 off and 60 days free delivery on your first order with promo code 60DAYSFREE.

2)  Use the "sort by price" feature. Here's an example, looking at chocolate ice cream.

3) Better yet, sort by Unit Price.   

Here's another ice cream example (getting hungry yet?), using the sort by Unit Price feature.

Using Unit Price is the best way to gauge the true price (and therefore savings) for a grocery item.  One tub of ice cream may be $5, and another may be $6.  But if the $6 item contains twice as much ice cream as the $5 item, it's actually the better bargain.  Aren't you glad you paid so much attention in math class?

4) Enter in your club card at some point and take advantage of specials.  At some point you should click into your Account link and fill out this info.

Then, just follow the Edit Savings Card links until you can enter in your card number.

Once you've entered in your Club Card number, you can look at specials and automatically receive the discounts with your grocery delivery.

You are also able sort any grocery results so that specials are on top.

The little red flag on the right means that the grocery item is on sale.

Don't worry if you don't see the discounts applied at checkout; they are applied when your groceries are delivered.

5)  Pick a cheaper delivery window.  When picking a grocery delivery window, note that the delivery charges are all not the same.  Pick a cheaper window to save a few bucks.  The longer the window, the cheaper the delivery charge.  

6) Use online coupons, digital coupons, and hard copy coupons.  On our Find Coupons page, we'll show you how to easily find coupons and promo codes for the products you like.  Using hard copy coupons is a pain, but with online grocery delivery it's all right there when you shop.
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